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The new electric motored weelbarrow

Xare - The Bavarian electric motored wheelbarrow with extra POWER.

Made in Germany

Dumpers, rammers, motored wheelbarrows, compactors, concrete cutters and concrete saws from one source.

Meinl Baumaschinen is a medium-sized manufacturer of best quality construction machinery made in Germany. For over 20 years, Meinl has been developing, producing and selling high-end tools for underground engineering, pipeline construction, gardening and landscaping. Our range includes mini caterpillared dumpers, fast impact rammers, compactors and concrete cutters. A special tool is the new motored wheelbarrow, which truly can be termed the first wheelbarrow of its kind, since it is supported – just like an ordinary wheelbarrow – by only one wheel at the front. Meinl Baumaschinen offers no machines just off the shelf. Special demands, like respecting the environment or the conditions of location and usage, require special tools. In the course of time, Meinl has created a know-how covering basically any kind of usage, sometimes producing groundbreaking In addition, our programme comprises of transformers and concrete compactors, rubber link chains, hour meters, pond figures, spare parts of nearly all established construction machinery brands as well as certified second hand equipment.
Convince yourself of our extensive product range on the following pages. You are sure to find “your” machine, and if not: we will build it for you!

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